Federer Beats Nadal at 2010 Barclays ATP
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Federer Beats Nadal at ATP Finals 2010

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November 27, 2010, last updated June 2, 2015

By A. Lee, Contributing Columnist

Roger Federer beat World Number One Rafael Nadal at the season-ending Barclays ATP Finals in London today, 6-3,3-6,6-1. The tournament, traditionally billed as the "5th Grand Slam" was something of a consolation prize for Federer in a year which saw Nadal win 3 Grand Slam titles at the French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open and wrest the Number One ranking from Fereder. For his win, Federer pocketed $1.6 million.

Though he lost the match, the tournament actually showed the spectacular progress of Nadal on hard surfaces. In addition to having on the US Open on a HarTru surface, Nadal made it to the finals of the ATP. His best previous showing on the exceptionally low-bouncing hard surface was 0-3. This year, he sailed into the finals after not dropping a single match against the likes of Dkojovic, Soderling and the ever-dangerous Andy Murray.

Is this Win Signs of a Resurgent Federer?

In his semifinal against Novak Djokovic, Federer was masterful, showing a razor sharp slice and a wide-swinging topspin forehand that pinned Djokovic to the backcourt. To this reporter's eyes, the match was like looking through a time-machine at Federer of old, the invincible Federer of 2003-2004. His serve was sharp, his forehand was dismissive and his improved topspin backhand down-the-line kept Djokovic off balance. 

But what was even more impressive was his temperament, a steely determination in his eyes that seemed to re-assert his self-confidence that he is in fact still the best player alive. So, is this Federer Resurgent?

I think not. Rafael Nadal was clearly exhausted from his semi-final match against Murray and of course, because he actually won the last 3 Grand Slams, he has played more important matches this year than anyone else. That mental and physical toll finally caught up with him in the year-ending ATP event.

My prediction for the upcoming 2011 Australian? Look for Nadal to make it through to meet the defending champion Federer once again.


As of the summer of 2015, the Great Roger Federer has proven us wrong. He is currently ranked Number 2 in the world, ahead of Rafael Nadal, now currently ranked 7th. At age 34, Roger Federer looks to have the endurance and skills to outlast all his contemporaries.


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