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Age in Reverse with Exercise

Adenoids Inflamed -Causes and Cures

Alzheimer's Changes the Way You Dream

Apple Cider Vinegar - This Is Why You Need to Drink It After Age 50

Brain Freezes or Senior Moments -When Are They Serious?

Eat Sugar, Age Faster?

Eat Cheese Like the French and Live Longer?

Acetyl Carnitine Shields Brain from Fast Aging

Cashews Regulate Blood Pressure Better Than Walnuts

Gratitude Can Get You Healthy

How to Make Better Decisions

Learning a New Language Keeps Your Brain Young

Losing Just One Nights Sleep Increases Appetite by 18%

Lower the Amount of Hydrogen Peroxide in Your Body Naturally

Mountain People Don't Get Heart Disease

Are Older Men Taking Testosterone Becoming More Violent?

7 Ways to Tune Up Your Immune System

Reaching Across Your Body Keeps Your Brain Young

Breathe Deeply to Lower Blood Pressure

Staying Upbeat Reduces Heart Attack Risk by 33%

The Job You Have Affects Your Risk for Alzheimer's

Walking Boosts Creativity By 80%

Watching a Cosy Fire Video Lowers Your Blood Pressure by 5%

Why Eating Red Cabbage Turns Your Health Around

What Do You Do After ObamaCare Is Repealed?

Why You Suddenly Start Falling


Grass Allergies

Tree Allergies

Why Do Allergies Get Worse At Night?

Hives-Causes and Cures

Are Some People Really Allergic to Exercise?

Insect Bites

Swimming in Pools Linked with Asthma and Allergies?

Water Allergy?-What Causes This

Alzheimer's and Memory

Is Alzheimer's Disease Increasing?

Can't Put a Name to a Face-7 Remedies

The Strange Connection Between Frying Food and Alzheimer's Risk

Carrageenan Health Dangers Include Increase in Alzheimer's Risk


Aneurysm-Ideal Prevention Diet


Why Can't I Forgive?-Top 8 Health Benefits of Forgiveness

Why Are Men So Violent?


Loss of Appetite -Causes and Top 10 Remedies

People Who Crave Argo Starch

People Who Eat Ice -Remedies for Pagophagia

Warm Breakfasts Help You Lose Weight?


Breast Cancer is One of 7 Diseases That Change Your Underarm Odor

What It Means When Your Arm Falls Asleep


Why Are My Armpits So Dark?

Why Are My Upper Arms So Fat?



Artery Spasms -Natural Remedies

Prinzmetal's Angina-Causes and Cures

Arthritis / Bones

Dowager's Hump

Knee Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Hip Fractures Are Deadly

Baby and Child Health

7 Ways to Stimulate Your Child's Brain


When Should I Stop Swaddling My Baby?

Baby Talk -Is It Bad for Your Baby's Development?

How to Stop Your Child Thumbsucking

Glue Ear - Causes and Cures

Post- Toddler Diet - 7 Foods That Help

Ritalin -Are We Overmedicating Our Kids?

Ritalin Side Effects-Top 7 Natural Remedies

Traveling with Children-10 Tips

What Makes a Child Resilient?


Spinal Stenosis

Why Is My Back Stiff When I Wake Up? - Causes and Cures


Bacteria in Blood -Top 7 Natural Remedies

Blood Thinning Meds-Top 10 Foods to Avoid

Low Platelet Count-Causes and Top 10 Remedies

Coughing Up Blood -Causes and Top 10 Remedies

Eat for Your Blood Type?

Saffron Spice Disrupts Breast Cancer Growth

Raisons -Are They Good for Diabetics?

Blood Pressure

Unusual Fun Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

High Blood Pressure and Diabetes Diet

Chewing Gum Raises Blood Pressure

Postural Hypotension-Why You Black Out When You Stand Up


Colonics -Pros and Cons

Fecal Incontinence

How Often Should You Have a Colonoscopy, Really?


7 Foods That Make You Stupid

Dementia --The Connection to Your Diet

How to Improve Your Brain's Waste Disposal System

Amyloid Proteins -7 Natural Remedies That Remove Them from Your Brain

How to Stimulate Your Child's Brain

Why Am I Smelling Smoke?


Foods That Improve Breast Cancer Survival Rates


Botox-Health Benefits and Dangers


Diabetes and High Blood Pressure Diet

Milk Prevents Type 2 Diabetes-New Report

Top 10 Cities with High Levels of Diabetes


Chewing Gum Raises Blood Pressure

Swallowing Gum -7 Real Health Dangers

Stomach Cramps with Diarrhea-Causes and Cures


Why Are My Ears Hurting?-Causes and Top 10 Natural Remedies


Why Are My Eyes Dry?

Why Does My Face Hurt?
Why Is My Jaw Stiff?


Why Are My Toenails Falling Off?

Yellow Toenail Syndrome-Causes

and Cures

Why Do My Toenails Grow So Fast?









Face and Head

Why Does My Face Hurt?

Why Is My Jaw Stiff?

Why Are My Lips So Dry?

Tongue Cancer - What to Eat

Can't Put a Name to a Face? -7 Natural Remedies

Eating Too Much Sugar and Carbs Causes Tinnitus

Eating Cabbage Can Help Reverse Gray Hair


Even Pretending to Smile Lowers Your Stress Levels

Flat Out Bored? -Here's Why

Certain Types of Toothpaste Can Cause Cancer

Herbs and Foods That Are Natural Sunblocks

How Many Friends Do You Need?

How to Avoid the Holiday Blues This Year

How to Handle Pushy Strangers Who Pester You for Help

How to Tell If Someone You Know is a Pathological Liar

How to Use Black Pepper to Restore Skin's Natural Color

Hugging Yourself Reduces Chronic Pain

If Your Hair Is Falling Out-Stop Brushing

Know an Adult Who Blurts Out Things? - Could be ADHD

Johnny Depp Spent $650 Million - Here's How

People Who Make New Year's Resolutions Are 12 Times More Successful

The Personality Trait That Makes You Successful

Russell Simmons Has Bad News on NY Statute of Limitations for Rape

Salmon Helps You Fall Asleep-Here's Why

Sesame Oil Reverses Skin Damaged by the Sun

Tonic Clonic Seizures - Causes and Top 7 Natural Remedies

Why Do I Keep Having Nightmares? - Causes and Cures

Why Are the Whites of My Eyes Yellow?

Feet and Hands

What Your Fingernails Say About Your Health

Why Are My Toenails Falling Off?

Why Is My Thumb Twitching? -Causes and Cures

Yellow Toenail Syndrome-Causes

and Cures

Why Do My Toenails Grow So Fast?

Your Brain Thinks Your Toes Are the Most Important Body Part


7 Health Dangers of Hair Dye

Why Is My Hair Falling Out?-Causes and Cures
What Your Hair Says About Your Health

10 Secrets to Growing Your Hair Longer

Can You Eat Away Gray Hair? - What Science Says

Dying Your Hair Increases Risk for Cancer

Jello Makes Your Hair Thicker But Not Longer

The Right Way to Use Potato Skins to Reverse Gray Hair


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome-Causes and Top 10 Natural Remedies

Dry Cuticles- Causes and Cures

Why Are My Fingernails Peeling?

Why Are My Hands Tingling?-Causes and Top 10 Natural Remedies

What Your Handwriting Says About Your Health

What Your Fingernails Say About Your Health

Why Are My Hands Numb?

Why Do I Bite My Nails?-Causes and Cures

Left Handed?-Top 8 Ways It Affects Your Health

Alien Hand Syndrome


Cardiomyopathy- 7 Lifestyle Changes That Help

Cardiac Arrest and Diabetes

What It Means When Your Heart Skips a Beat

Blood Thinning (Statin) Medications -10 Foods to Avoid

BP Dipping - The Secret Reason You Have Hypertension

How Many Eggs Are Bad for Your Heart?

Staying Upbeat and Positive Reduces Heart Attack Risk by 33%

Watch Fireplace Videos Lower Blood Pressure

Watching Your Sports Team Raises Heart Attack Risk by 20%


Hives -Causes and Top 10 Natural Remedies

Hubris Syndrome

Hubris Syndrome

Immune System

Adenoids Inflamed-Causes and Cures

Inflammation and Infection

C-reactive Protein -7 Tips to Lower Your Levels

Candida Yeast Overgrowth -Top 10 Cures

Canakinumab Lowers Inflammation But So Do These Foods

Jaw Problems

Stiff Jaw -Causes and Remedies

Neck and Shoulders

Why Is My Neck Stiff?-Causes and Remedies

Shoulders Up to Your Ears - Causes and Cures

Why Is Thyroid Cancer Rising So Fast in the US?


Going Gluten Free Cured My Snoring

Why Am I Smelling Smoke?

Why Is My Nose Bleeding?-Causes and Cures

Chronic Coughing from Allergies Can Lead to Pneumonia

Obesity/ Overweight

Brown Fat - 5 Triggers

Irisin -A Natural Hormone That Triggers Fat Burning


Boron - The Mineral That Can Save Your Bones

Vitamin D Is a Double Edged Sword -It Can Save Your Bones But It Also Increases Heart Attack Risk

Oxidative Stress; Cancer and Diabetes

Cannabis Oil Helps Stop Spread of Breast Cancer Tumors

Cow's Milk Accelerates Cancer

Eating Protein Accelerates Cancer Growth

Foods That Actually Damage Your DNA

How to Lower Level of Hydrogen Peroxide in Your Body to Stop Gray Hair

How You Cook Your Meat Affects Your Risk for Pancreatic Cancer

Foods That Lower Inflammation and Fight


Move Just 29 Minutes a Day to Lower Your Diabetes Risk


7 Life Hacks for Joint Pain

7 Herbs That Reduce Pain

Aspirin, Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen Cause Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

Missing Someone Can Damage Your Health

Why Does My Upper Stomach Hurt?- Causes and Cures

Respiratory Problems

Bronchitis-Top 10 Natural Remedies

Bronchial Spasms-Causes and Cures

Blood Clots in Your Lungs--All About Pulmonary Embolism

Coughing Up Blood-Causes and Top 10 Natural Remedies

Tree Pollen Allergies -Top 10 Natural Remedies

Thermal Spas Help Cure Respiratory Conditions

Yerba Mate Cancer Risks

What Compulsive Talking Does to Your Health

Sexual Dysfunction

Should Women Take Viagra?

Low Testosterone in Women - Top 7 Health Dangers


Why Do I Feel Like Pins Are Sticking Me?

Why Am I Having Chills?


Missing Someone Can Damage Your Heart

Work Life Balance -How Many Work Days Are Perfect?

Taking Care of the Caregiver


7 Prevention Tips for Stroke


7 Things That Improve How Your Surgery Will Go

Swyer Syndrome

How to Manage Swyer Syndrome

Toxins -Detox
Bacteria in Blood --Top 7 Natural Remedies

Voice and Speech Problems

Stammering and Stuttering-10 Natural Remedies

Why Do I Speak So Softly?


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Knee Arthritis -Causes and Cures

Legs Falling Asleep? -Causes and Cures

Burning in Your Legs?- Causes and Cures

Cankles - Why Do Our Ankles Get So Thick as We Age?

Standing Up?-Health Benefits

Standing on One Leg Keeps Your Brain Young

The Epidemic of Walkers and Wheelchairs in America

Trochanteric Bursitis - 5 Natural Remedies

Why Are My Legs Numb?

Why You Black Out When You Stand Up



Why Are My Lips So Dry?-Causes and Remedies

Cuts at the Corners of Your Lips - Causes and Cures

Cold Sores Keep Coming Back? - The Answer Is in Your Diet


George Michael Died of Fatty Liver Disease - What Causes This?



Asthma Gets Worse At Night?-Causes and

Top 10 Natural Remedies

Allergies Can Lead to Pneumonia

Childhood Asthma - Causes and 7 Natural Remedies

Coughing Up Blood-Causes and Top 10 Remedies

Bronchitis-Top 10 Natural Remedies

Bronchial Spasms-Causes and Cures

Tree Pollen Allergies

Grass Pollen Allergies

5 Jobs That Cause Asthma

Is Your Mattress Making You Sick?

Overdose and Drugs

Aspirin Overdose -Symptoms and Remedies

Ibuprofen Overdose-Symptoms and Remedies

Codeine Overdose-Symptoms and Remedies

Date Rape Drugs - Best Detections Tools

Oxycodone Overdose-Symptoms and Remedies

Potassium Overdose-Top 10 Symptoms and Remedies

Toxins -Lower the Level of Toxic Chemicals in Your Body

Personality and the Mind

Daydreaming - 7 Health Benefits

Hubris Syndrome - Psychologist Discover a New Disorder Affecting Political Leaders

Flat Out Bored? - Here's Why

Gaslighting and 5 Other Signs of a Manipulative Personality

How to Handle Pushy Strangers Who Keep Bugging You for Help

Talking to Yourself- When You Should Worry


Passive Aggressive People -10 Tips for Dealing with Them

Manipulative Personalities -What Are the 5 Signs?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder -Redoing What's Been Done

Ruminating?- A Serious Danger to Your Health

The Personality Trait That Makes You Successful

The 7 Mental Tricks All Con Artists Use

Being Watched -How It Affects Your Health

Not Enough Privacy? - Here's What It's Doing to Your Health

Learning a New Language Makes You Smarter

Want to Make Better Decisions? - Do These 5 Things

Why Some People Refuse to Evacute in a Storm

Pregnancy and Childcare
Caffeine and Pregnancy-Do They Mix?
Miscarriage -Causes and Top 10 Prevention Tips

7 Ways to Stimulate Your Child's Brain

7 Foods That Are Making Us Stupid


Premature Menopause

Premature Menopause-Causes and Ways to Prevent It