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Best Spices to Use with Fish

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April 26, 2013
By Nina Lee, Contributing Columnist

If you have love fish --- or if you want to -- but you can't seem to make it tasty, then you have come to the right place.

Cooking fish does not have to be complicated.  Most of us don't honor the fish with our cooking.  We take a beautiful piece of fish and just slap it in a skillet, maybe after slathering on some flour or meal.

The biggest mistake people make in cooking fish is to over-cook it. The second biggest mistake they make is to under-season it. With those two basic rules and an adventurous spirit, you're set to go.

Also, don't make the mistake of cooking every type of fish the same way. Naturally oily fish is cooked and seasoned differently than drier fish. Bland fish must be seasoned differently than fish with robust tones.

Cook fish with extra virgin olive oil.  If you don't have to watch your cholesterol. you can add a bit of butter to shell fish preparations such as lobster, clams or mussels.

For those of you on salt-restricted diets, try using Mrs. Dash or provence herbs in lieu of sea salt.

Here is a list of spices and suggestions for cooking basic types of fish:

Type of Fish                            Suggested Spice                                Additional Spice

1. Salmon                                Sea salt, ground pepper                    rosemary or (dill, provence herbs or Dijon mustard)

2. Flounder                              Sea salt, ground pepper                    lemon or rosemary

3. Trout                                    Sea salt, ground pepper                    dill

4. Grouper                               Sea salt pepper

5. Bass                                     Sea salt, ground pepper                    dill, provence herbs

6. Shellfish                               Sea salt, ground pepper                   butter or provence herbs

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