ATM Fees of the 10 Largest US Banks
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ATM Fees of the 10 Largest US Banks

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May 17, 2011
By LOUISE CARR, Associate Editor and Featured Columnist

ATM fees have been in the news recently with reports that JPMorgan Chase was considering raising its ATM fees for non-customers in Texas and Illinois to $4 and $5, before reconsidering and returning to its original fee of $3. Other banks may soon follow suit and hike their own ATM fees. No matter where you are in the US and who you bank with, you risk facing hefty fees if you're not careful about where you withdraw your money. If you use an ATM that's not attached to your bank you could end up being charged twice - once by your bank and once by the bank that owns the ATM. But which banks charge the highest fees? Is there one bank that gives a better deal than another?

When you're traveling on vacation or business overseas you have double the cost to figure for. As well as an ATM fee, you will usually pay an international transaction fee for converting your currency - typically a small percentage of your overall transaction. And your bank often adds on their own fee for this conversion to the total. A few banks such as HSBC and Citibank - which have large international presences - allow US customers to withdraw money from their ATMS abroad with no charge, although you will pay a conversion fee. Some banks waive all ATM fees - but the catch is you need to sustain a big balance to be able to take advantage of this generosity, and you may still have to pay conversion fees.

However, be careful not to put your cash at risk by cutting down on the number of times you pay the ATM fee and withdrawing large amounts of cash. Only carry the amount of cash you can afford to lose. Use your hotel safe and try to pay by card if you can, for larger purchases. Watch out when you're on the road and want to withdraw money abroad. A string of withdrawals from a Caribbean island is likely to alert your bank's automatic fraud detection systems and you may have your card blocked. Call your bank prior to your trip to have a travel flag placed on your account. You'll then be able to travel without any risk of banking service interruption.

There are around half a million ATMs in the US and millions more all over the world. The best advice if you're not sure of your charges? Overall, it's best to use only the ATMs that belong to your bank, whether you are home or abroad.

Chart of ATM Fees

Information from individual bank websites

* Bank of America customers can withdraw money for free at more than 12,000 international ATMs but only the ones operated by members of the Global ATM Alliance. Members of the Global Alliance include Barclays in the United Kingdom, BNP Paribas in France, China Construction Bank in China, Deutsche Bank in Germany, Santander Serfin in Mexico, Scotiabank in Canada and the Caribbean, and Westpac in Australia and New Zealand.

** Premier Checking and Plus Checking at HSBC give you monthly rebates on non-HSBC ATM fees (except in New York State) - three rebates for Plus Checking and unlimited for Premier Checking. You need to maintain a balance of $100,000 to qualify as a US Premier client. Ally Bank reimburses customers for all non-Ally Bank ATM fees at the end of the monthly statement period and pay the fees other banks charge.

*** With a PNC Performance or Performance Select account you can use any ATM all over the world for free and the bank covers the fees other operators add on by reimbursing you. US Bank's Platinum Checking gives you free US ATM fees, Gold Checking account gives you free use of all US ATMs and two free non-US Bank transactions a month.

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Name of Bank
Use Your Bank's ATM in the US
Use Another Bank's ATM in the US
Use Your Bank's ATM Overseas
Use Another Bank's ATM Overseas
Bank of America
$0 plus 1%*
$5 plus 1%
$0 plus 1%
$2 plus 3%
J.P. Morgan Chase
$3 plus $3%
$3 plus 3%
$0 plus 3%
$1.50 plus 3%
Well's Fargo
$5 plus 3%
$5 plus 3%
$3.50 plus 3.5%
or 0***
$3.50 plus 3.5%
or 0***
US Bank
$2 plus 3%***
$2 plus 3%***
SunTrust Bank
$5 plus 0%
$5 plus 0%
BB&T Corp
$5 plus 3%
$5 plus 3%
Ally Bank